The Mansions designed with innovative and experienced touches of famous architects, bringing an atmosphere of freedom amidst an ever-changing world. The Mansions reflect an architectural perspective of safety, joy, and dignity, with the colour green in the foreground, with a vast variety of trees in the woodlands, a profound sense of comfort and peacefullness suggested in every corner, as well as a policy of precision and lucidity.

Sehrizar Konakları were shaped and brought to life by distinct contributions of three architects. Han Tümertekin, Nevzat Sayın and Ihsan Bilgin are some of the architects who have collaborated for Sehrizar Konakları. These architects, who have been rewarded with academic titles, have the common ground of having won numerous awards, contributed to major projects, achieved success at international platforms and they have reected their passion, individual experiences, and perspectives in architectural aesthetics in their designs as they worked with a team spirit in the creation of Sehrizar Konakları, their most distinguished project. Now the Mansions are ready to welcome their actual owners.

Gap İnşaat

Gap İnşaat is one the most powerful and deeply rooted companies of Çalık Holding, whose activities dates back to 1981. Based on 15 countries with more than 20 thousand employees, it has been active in construction, energy, telecom, textile, finance and mining sectors. Being established simultaneously with Çalık Holding's existence on textile and industry at Turkmenistan in early 1990's, Gap İnşaat was reconfigured by a powerful reorganization in 1996. Having been listed in "The biggest 225 International Construction Companies in the World" by Engi¬neering News Record, Gap İnşaat has made a distinguishing name of itself with its national and international projects, each of which involves special expertise and execution power.

Being an expert on industrial complexes, power plants and prestigious buildings, the company has constructed over 110 projects so far. It continues its activities on construction, business and project development in many countries such as Golf Countries, Uzbekistan, Russia and Qatar. With its powerful worldwide purchasing organization, fast and effective logistic network and offices located at most important points of the world; Gap İnşaat successfully represents the Turkish Construction Sector. It outstands amongst the others with its 5000 + employees, expertise in constructing in international arena, and projects realized with subcontractors each professionalized on their work.

Especially with turn-key projects realized at highly challenging areas Gap İnşaat has positioned itself at a significantly unique position. The projects developed at Turkmenistan are labeled as "unique projects" rather than ordinary construction projects due to its direct influence on Turkmen economy. The Turkmen chapter of the company has undertaken many governmental projects such as superstructure, upscale residences, business centers and industrial complexes but primarily the textile investment projects of the Turkmen Textile Industry. From hospitals to librar¬ies, residences to industrial complexes, with its differentiating designs and strong design teams Gap İnşaat has shown exceptional success.

Gap İnşaat, a member of Turkish Construction Association (TCA), has achieved sustainable growth by applying the latest technology at all the provided services and construction processes, customer focused solutions and high quality services. It operates within the framework of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System and ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System documents. It is also proud of being one of the only firms who is capable of using SAP based systems such as ERP CRM, etc. simultaneously and effectively no matter where on earth.

TOKİEmlak Konut

Emlak Konut, one of the longest established entities in the sector, was founded in 1953. Since the day it has been founded, it has adopted bringing Turkey with modern living spaces together as a principle. Ataköy in Istanbul, Oran and Elvankent projects in Ankara are the most concrete examples of this sense. Furthermore, these projects have been among the rst representatives of the modern city concept in Turkey. Emlak Konut, owing to the experience and technical infrastructure it gained throughout the years, has provided engineering, consultancy and supervision services in many large projects.

Today, Emlak Konut, which transformed into Real Estate Investment Partnership in year 2002, has become Turkey's largest Real Estate Investment Partnership. Emlak Konut is one of the rare examples, which brings together the discipline of state institutions and private sector concept. With this approach and by closely following the construction technologies in the world, it has brought many innovations to Turkey. Emlak Konut, has made no concessions on its efforts of raising the bar a step higher with each new project, the total number of residences, which it has produced and made tenders of since 2003, has reached 62,700.

In order to maintain its rapid growth at the point it reached, Emlak Konut has gone public in 2010. As Turkey's demand record for domestic individual investors has been broken with Emlak Konut's public offering, which attracted more attention than expected, one of the 5 biggest initial public offerings of the history of republic has been actualized.

Emlak Konut is pushing forward towards the future to becoming not only Turkey's but also one of the world's leading entities in its sector through its rapid advance by moving its visions and objectives further.

Ever since the rst settlements, humankind has always felt the need to live with kinfolks and form communities. They have withstood against difficulties in life and they have shared joys together. Sehrizar Konakları, inspired by this feeling of fellowship, is now realizing the dream of living with beloved ones as next-door neighbors in the vicinity. Walls enriched with landscaping elements that separate blocks from each other provide a peaceful and spacious environment for large families in an earnest neighborhood atmosphere.

Many residents of a big city are increasingly looking for peacefulness in a home more than anything else. With its emphasis on individual freedom reflected in the landscaping, private gardens designed with an eye for details and plenty of room for quality personal time, Sehrizar Konakları are built for those who are in search of finding peace of mind.

Safety at Sehrizar Konakları, built on freedom and peace, is one of the most vital issues. The automated security system always watching against hazards such as fire, gas leaks, flooding, and theft brings you a peaceful and peaceful and well protected life at any time of day at Sehrizar Konakları.

The Mansions evoke both senses of novelty and familiarity as they almost radiate inside a private world overlooking a spacious courtyard crowning the hillside reaching down the Bosphorus. The Mansions bearing the same characteristics as those of settlements around the Bosphorus reflect surrounding cultural traits. The houses in Sehrizar Konakları are secluded, yet, easily accessible. The layout of the Mansions provides for unexpected and rich vistas thanks to the structural design of the buildings situated on different levels on a hillside overlooking the Bosphorus. The gardens invoke the sensation of being inside a vast kaleidoscope as one delightfully takes in the surrounding view.

Sehrizar Konakları hold a nature-friendly attitude in their incorporation with the natural environment. The landscaping through the use of the most beautiful plants of Istanbul, wide gardens, summerhouses, and the clean air in particular have made Sehrizar Konakları a special world custom tailored for you. The gardens composed of the plants of Istanbul and the social recreation areas make it an essential spot for those who wish a life free from the stress of the busy city. The large woods next to Sehrizar Konakları invite its guests to a tranquil, peaceful life style. The residents of the Mansions will be able to live in close proximity to nature, and will have the opportunity to take walks around in splendid gardens.

Breathing fresh air in the town centre in Istanbul is almost a myth of days of yore. Although it has recently become even more difficult to find green parks and forests in the city, the residents of Sehrizar Konakları are able to live in close proximity to natural surroundings due to neighboring woods, and breathe the clean air of the woods without even having to leave their homes. Hence, Sehrizar Konakları offers the privilege of a healthy and natural life due to the woods that surround the whole establishment.